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  1. I'm going to die...

    10 more days until summer. 2 days until finals. Procrastination is catching up to me and so is summer-itis. I won't make it. >o< And the my little pony chubbies aren't helping. Eek.

    ~ Jas
  2. WOW

    by , 6-3-12 at 4:24:57 PM (Odd Obsessions Weekly)
    OK i never blog anymore XD oops, anyway my latest obsession?: ONE DIRECTION! yup i am obsessed! Just went to their concert last night and chased Harry down the block :)
    My advice to anyone who doesnt know who they are, or have just heard of them, LOOK THEM UP! listen to music, watch video diaries, you will soon be obsessed with these boys like me :) They're Brilliant! :) No, not just brilliant they are:
    PhenomiNiall! ...

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  3. This week...

    by , 6-3-12 at 4:21:03 PM (The Adventures of Samuel Ashhorn)
    OK so this week I have been hatching out the Hollow Knight. I have been farming on and off several thousand times a day . I don't know how my friend Rowan does it, because I have 10 people and she has like 10x that (not to mention that she's hatching for talent manifestation (which takes a lot longer)). A lot has happened since I last updated my blog, and I honestly don't feel like recounting it all, but i'm going to do it anyway (:P).
    Avalon In Test
    Avalon In Live
    Raven's Hoard ...

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  4. I find coming back hard

    I came back to w101 a few weeks ago and its really hard for me to keep up with everything and just make my comeback to this game. I mostly focused on one thing in this game, pvp. Since I haven't been on this game for quite a long time I have forgotten the spells and strategies I use to have. Now that there are new spells and clothing and the pets have changed its hard. More and more people are finding new ways to cheat (puppets) in pvp witch ruins the pvp experience. New terms like spud or this ...

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  5. The boy from the Silver Island.

    by , 6-3-12 at 12:02:11 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    This my newest story! I would love all of you could go an read it!

    Link here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Blake View Post
    That name is just a place holder until I get a better one lol, ideas are welcome!

    It's based off the Hunger Games, well it has the same structure.

    Chapter 1

    The air is damp, the smell of rain still lingers in the air and the dark clouds are still hovering above. This