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  1. It's awesome!

    by , 6-12-12 at 2:59:11 PM (Little Forest Blog :))
    So, yesterday, at the same time I bought this blog, I also bought a user-page! It came off really well if I do say so myself. lol Here's the link
  2. Chickens :D

    by , 6-12-12 at 1:19:29 PM (Excalibur's Blog of Wizardly Things)
    Hola my amigos,

    So for the last six weeks or so I have been raising show chickens (broilers). Basicly what you do with them is you get them at one day old, feed them a lot for six weeks, then "show" them. (Show means you have a judge see whose chicken's breast is the best.)

    So the show actually happened at about 9am (central time) this morning.

    I ended up getting Grand Champion! (First place)

    I get to sell my chickens on Saturday ...
  3. ♫May the summer of 2012 begin♫

    by , 6-12-12 at 12:27:25 PM (The tales of a gutsy ninja)
    I just got out for school! :D but my favorite teacher is leaving so that makes me sad, :\ but I'm an 8th grader now! :D can't wait for next year!
  4. Officially Summer!

    by , 6-12-12 at 1:02:53 AM (A Wizard Point of View)
    Even though I got out of school on May 24th, it's now officially summer for me.
    The past two weeks were quite hectic in terms of preparing for a big camping trip [really fun!] and for the ACT test [super fun too :p].

    It was a nice surprise to see that I won the pet-a-palooza "Design a pet" contest. Wizard101 will definitely be a part of my summer this year. A special shout out to my friend Mike: Thank you and you know what I'm talking about :d

    My wizard ...
  5. Parlez-vouz francais? Well I am learning :D

    by , 6-12-12 at 12:09:18 AM (The World of Insanity)
    So as my title suggests I am learning french. I only know a few things atm like bonjour, parlez-vouz francais, mon petite fromage, and a few other things. So far I am learning the numbers 1-20 and I am glad I know some spanish because the numbers are pretty similar. Like treizr and douze. I am liking the language so far. You may ask, but why are you learning french? Well thats a good question.... Frankly it sounds like a nice language and fun so I was like well I have nothing to do lets learn some ...

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