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  1. School is....................... .......OUT!!!!!!......... ..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by , 6-13-12 at 6:50:08 PM (Little Forest Blog :))
    School is officially Over!!! Now I can write more, level up, and swim! No more papers, home-work, crazy math problems, quizzes, tests, EXAMS!!
    (until next year..... -.- guess i have to enjoy my freedom while I've got it..

  2. Scream until there is nothing left.

    So tomorrow, I'm bleaching the ends of my hair. Considering I'm a brunette and my hair is fairly dark. I'm soooooooooooo excited, I've wanted to do this for months.
    My mom is even letting me put a color over the bleached parts, so I think I'm gonna do red.
    I don't even think I can explain how excited I am for tomorrow.
    So I'll be partly blonde now C:
    Real life things
  3. New Ipod

    Today, when I got home from my 5th grade celebration of moving up to 6th grade, I was greeted by mom. She gave me a camera, which was really nice, but the really cool thing was a new IPOD TOUCH, a gift from my grandmother.
    I thanked them both (grandma on the phone), set it up, downloaded angry birds free, and played a bit.
    So in short, I got a new Ipod touch as a gift.
  4. Valerie's Letter. V for Vendetta.

    by , 6-13-12 at 2:55:28 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    V for Vendetta was a good movie protraying a future totiltarian world. While the action and script were good. What moved me the most was when Eve (I think you spell it that way?) read Valeries letter. That part was touching and sad. Here's is the letter.. It's about accepting yourself and others.
    Like Budda said, You like all the people in the universe deserve your love and kindness.

    Valerie's Letter

    "I know there’s no way I can convince you this is not one
  5. Why This is Becoming Unbelievable

    by , 6-13-12 at 1:29:54 AM (A race for the best)
    U know why this is becoming unbelievable? Wizard101 Central is now like a War between the Republican and Democratic Party, so many views clashed, but I simply do not see any form of constructive critizism. I'm not a pacifist, but I don't agree on
    ranting or simply "saying your opinion."
    If you truly want to help, do some constructive critizism? Your giving KI it hard enough. Sorting through all these complaints. Why not just be nice and try to help KI? E-Mail them a couple ...