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  1. I'll need a crew ...

    by , 6-14-12 at 6:19:21 PM (The Time That's Worth Waiting For)
    Since Wizard Weekly will prob cease to exist, I plan to do something from where Fawne left off & continue with something else. I can't tell anymore details since I'm blueprinting this new idea out, but I can prob can tell something to those who want involvement in my "project"
  2. Anxiety attack

    I feel so anxious this whole week. My grades are falling down and I need to get them to an A, my spanish final is next week and I stink at spanish really bad and its a huge packet that is gonna last us two entire spanish class to finish and my music test is this friday. In science I need to do a lab and its almost the end of academics and she told us that were gonna do a test and I don't know how she is gonna fit it up week because thats about the time when academics end (I don't know what day but ...
  3. This Was Unexpected...

    I actually won awards at the award ceremony.

    I got...:

    3.5 GP and above


    Honorable mention for the highest GPA. I had the second highest. It's kinda depressing but the person who won deserved it. ^^

    Happy summer!

    ~ Jas
  4. Everyday I'm Circus Afro

    by , 6-13-12 at 7:34:52 PM (The Time That's Worth Waiting For)
    [ame=""]Everyday I'm circus afro - YouTube[/ame]

    This helps me prep to see Madagascar 3
  5. Hatch Number 7: Still no Progress

    by , 6-13-12 at 7:00:47 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Well hatch 6 did got sharp shot at teen and hatch 7 was the wrong pet. I'm hoping after it manifests sprite this will be easier. Though I know this will take a long time.

    In other news I am waiting for the crown deal to come up so I can buy it. I am also going to buy a bunch of 3DS games later too. Also going to get back on another forum I go to as well (a pokemon one).