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  1. senior year

    kinda felt like writing a little tonight so we'll see how this goes.
    last time i blogged i believe it was a couple months before school started back up again and i've been extremely busy. i'm pretty sure most people here are probably way younger than me cause i started playing wiz about 7 years ago when i was 14, so obviously i'm now in college. this is my senior year and it's been really nice so far?

    this semester i've already gotten a lot of my gen eds out of the way so most ...

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  2. Life Got in the Way of Gaming

    by , 9-30-15 at 8:30:10 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    Last week was midterms! Yay they would be over by now but life slapped me in the face. On September 8th I got my wisdom teeth removed. Friday, September 25th I went to the dentist because my lower right side was swelling. The gum grew over the adjoining tooth and my mouth became infected. Around 1 PM on Friday I fainted in the kitchen and I was rushed to the ER. Through a CT Scan they found an infected pocket in my mouth. After several hours they released me from the hospital.

    Then ...
  3. hi hi

    So, I've recently came back to w101 after taking a bit of a break.

    I'm currently working on an ice wizard. Just reached marleybone! I can't play a lot because I'm busy with life, but I play when I can! I'm glad that I've bought most of the game in crowns because it's not worth a membership to only play a few times a month.

    I could use a friend or two in game, though, because it does get kind of lonely by myself xD

    I don't know what else to write here, but ...
  4. Well It's Been A While...

    Hello guys

    Last I posted on here was back in January, and I thought I might stop by and give a little time stamp on my life currently (again, if anyone reads these things).

    I started sophomore year of high school 3 weeks back, and so far, things are already really stressful. I am taking 6 honors classes plus AP Stats, and just managing to cram in studying for SAT Bio subject test studying (taking it in 2 weeks! reallly nervouss), plus the few extracurriculars I do. I ...

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  5. Argh

    by , 9-19-15 at 8:08:48 PM (But can I change the name later though.)
    Here is my day in pictures at various times.

    7:20 AM

    7:21 AM

    7:40 AM




    10: 00




    4: 30