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  1. Hatches (18-24): Lord Elvis (armament)

    Times are in Pacific Daylight Time (pst)
    Please leave a comment below with the following:
    Wizard's name:
    Time slot #1
    Time slot #2:

    Hatches will be in realm Phoenix
    Check back here to confirm I have seen your message and put you down.
    Please leave your comment at least two hours in advance
    All hatches must be requested through pet central (including rehatches) then I send you the link to the schedule
    Have at least 55,000 gold and

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  2. Pet Hatches 9/18-9/20


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    Pet Hatches
  3. Dounutbeater's Hatch Schedule.

    Dounutbeater's Hatching Schedule
    This schedule is for my pets on the Pet Central threads.Feel free to look us up under the Pet Section to request.
    Week of 5/12/19-5/19/2019:


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  4. 9/14-9/17 Hatching Schedule

    by , 9-15-17 at 1:15:10 PM (A Recollection of Hatches)


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  5. Hatching Schedule

    Welcome to Aurelia's Pet Central hatching schedule for
    Maya (gloomy eye) and Sierra (noble kookaburra), 3/28-3/31


    1. Look at the open times slots in the table below. All times are U.S. Eastern.

    2. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click "Leave Comment" and provide the following information.
    Central Name:
    Wizard Name:
    Name of Pet Requested:
    Your first choice of Day and Time:
    Your second

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