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  1. Introducing GodWiz's Blog

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Tahoma][B]Hello Wizard101central. I have just created my blog on wizard101central to show my wizard101 pictures and also to talk about what I am doing in the game currently.

    Thanks :)
  2. From Heaven to Dust

    [CENTER]A song by Azam Ali:

    The leaves tell
    Of the flower's death
    Of the hours spent
    In this graveyard
    No one tending to its pain
    No one tending to its shame

    Your eyes tell
    Of a star's death
    Its house drained
    Of old memories
    Of the night holding within its claim
    The light pending to pay its debt [/CENTER]
  3. Spring Fling '11

    Pretty awesome! :D Spring Fling '11 is gonna be at my new Island Getaway. It's gonna be cool and fun and all that. The main thing will be the people there and the contests like all parties. Not much PvP, which I'm ok with :) haha this is gonna be great. Birthday's on the 21st :D ... epic... cya all soon xD :thumbup:
  4. In Other Worlds


    [CENTER]This a beautiful song, it gave me a really cool idea for a signature too. I'll probably start that sometime soon.[/CENTER]

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  5. New Orleans

    by , 3-15-11 at 9:53:36 PM (Life of a Sackboy)
    Well, it's been good here. Leaving in the morning to head home. Now, I don't have to leave at 2:00, though :D