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  1. Asking For Advice - What Not To Do

    by , 6-5-14 at 10:28:22 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [SIZE=4]As this forum grows there are tons of people asking things about the next wizard they should make or if they should continue playing. I get it, decisions about something mildly entertaining is hard. In life there is always the fork in the road metaphor that pertains to every life decision we ever make. But here, on the forum, this split decision metaphor shouldn't apply.

    Think about this for a moment, this is a fansite for a game. Everyone on this site is a fan of the game. ...

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  2. Edgar Allan Poe Sticker

    by , 6-1-14 at 12:26:24 AM (Camille Talk)

    This just tickled my funny bone.

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    by , 5-31-14 at 5:14:27 PM (♫ Vėvα ℓα Vỉdą ♫)
    It's what we've all been waiting for..SUMMER!
    A lot of things have happened since I made my last blog post, I have chosen my 7th grade classes-which consist of three high school classes and my favorite class EVAR-orchestra<3. I'm hoping to get to 1st chair cellist, since we started about five weeks before school got out and I started out in 8th (we started out where we sat before don't judge) I was only able to get to 4th because we could only do challenges 2 times a week and blah.
  4. #Summer

    by , 5-31-14 at 12:35:56 PM (Camille Talk)
    Since summer is coming along, I've noticed that the Arts and Graphics section is really booming with activity. Its like BOOM, everyone just came back and is starting to make more graphics. After somewhat starting late in the graphics department in September 2013, I've never really experienced "the summer rush" so it'll definitely be a new experience.
  5. :P idk random questions mostly on opinion of w101

    I"m really bored so i just decided to ask random questions :P
    1. What do you think about wizard101
    2. What is your favorite school on w101
    3. what is your favorite world?
    4. least favorite school to battle?
    5. easiest school to battle?
    just comment with the answers :P :D enjoy! XD