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  1. Random

    Hi,I have been bored searching in the forums.I wish I could become a Blog Moderator my dream.I wish I could do something lol.Well thats all I have right now.

  2. New spells :)

    by , 4-22-11 at 9:59:19 AM (A Dark Blog)
    My Death wizard has had some training points for a while and finally spent them :)
    One on centar from my secondary school and a free doom and gloom spell. Right now i'm doing marlybone side quests which don't make me happy because side quests are always "Can you go get my purse please?" or something like that :wallbash:
  3. Pvp Partner?

    by , 4-22-11 at 12:35:12 AM (The Stormy Blog)
    [quote=StormGoddess;1978845]I need a pvp partner. i am targeting an ice wizard thats level 60 and can help me rank up. i am only a 400 somthing private :( today i did pvp whole day! and i only won 2! but 1 of them didnt count since they were downranking and they fled first round. so thanks in advance[/quote]

    help me lol! i am really bad in pvp :[
  4. Elements

    [CENTER]A bit of a break from the Gothic music. :D

    [ame=""]YouTube - A Fine Frenzy - Elements (Lyrics Video)[/ame][/CENTER]

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  5. Celebrate with us WIZARD101CENTRAL's 200th PVP Tournament

    by , 4-21-11 at 10:32:35 PM (The Lord of Necromancy's Deathly Blog.)
    The 200th PvP Tournament is coming out! Are you going to join? Since this is the 200th Tournament on Central it's pretty huge. But the competition we be tough. But some will win, Some won't. Good luck to everyone, I hope to see you in the tournament :)


    1st: 60,000 Crowns

    2nd 30,000 (20,000?)

    3rd 10.000

    Yeah, that's right. Great Prizes. And to make things really exciting, There are 3 Tournaments! 2 PvP and 1 Pet Derby! ...