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  1. Hi i'm back.

    Hello everyone! I'm back. After 2 years of a break of w101 I am finally back and playing. Last year I tried getting my banned account back, however got lazy and stopped trying. But this time I will definitely get my banned account back. I got my account banned for financial troubles. I created a brand new account so now I have 3 accounts all together. Coming back lots has changed in wizard city! New mounts, new gear, and a new level cap!
  2. looking back on 2014

    2014 is almost over oh my godddd.
    good riddance tbh. anyways. i did this tag last year for 2013, if you want to read it you can click here. i'm taking the exact same tag and just answering the questions again for the year of 2014. i won't be comparing them side by side though because i know a couple of them will have longer answers.
    so yea. tag first, rambles after.
    here we go.

    1: what did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?
    i think last year i said ...
  3. Art Resource + Talk #29 - Giving Critiques

    I love listening to artists talk and give tips on overall art topics(practicing, using a medium, etc.). There's this great art site with oodles of art podcasts.

    Here's the website:

    Chris Oatley was a Disney character designer.
    They're great to listen to when I'm doing other stuff-like arting because I can get in the zone.

    Trust is the one essential element for creating healthy critique groups and creative collaborations.
  4. How to deal with a troll/ rude player.

    by , 12-23-14 at 11:25:27 PM (Arcwarriors pvpc tournament blog.)
    Now we all have encountered a troll at one point or another right? rather then get worked up and let them get under ur skin, stay cool, it will only in return work them up, u can ignore them and walk away, should they be in a group of people doing it, it is because they feel the need for approval, just think to ur self they are that pathetic that they need to act that way to try and entertain there friends, bottom line is ignore these people, they defiantly do not deserve ur time, you are above ...
  5. wiz, minecraft, the youtubes

    i've been hacking up a lung since last night and i'd like it to stop.
    would be greatly appreciated.
    i have a cold, which isn't the end of the world but y'know. i'd like to actually do things while i'm on my break instead of sitting around the house cause i'm sick.
    all things aside. yay blog post.
    it's been a couple weeks so i thought i'd post a doodlydo on what been going on.

    wiz! i'm back into the swing of things. one of my dearly beloved friends messaged me ...