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  1. Want Max Pet stats?

    by , 4-23-12 at 1:10:21 AM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)

    These guys are the best!

    Now don't just think the talents HAVE to stink because the stats are all 250's, their actually quite impressive! A tricky of theirs has Proof Unicorn And Pain giver, could they get any better!
  2. Avalon Releases tomorrow?

    by , 4-23-12 at 1:03:20 AM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    I have a strong feeling something big is coming out at 6am tomorrow.

    Regular Maintinence is from 3-6am. Always.

    Tonight its 2-6, what is it KI is doing in that extra hour there?

    Everyone is saying its just maintinence but I know I have got a point

    There must be an additional adjustment... or addition (wink wink;) )
  3. Getting back in!

    by , 4-23-12 at 12:08:47 AM (Teh Random Blog!)
    So I got my sub yesterday, and now I'm working on Zafaria. I've gotten to the Savanna :).

  4. Finally Customized Meh Profile :D

    by , 4-22-12 at 5:00:36 PM (★ In the mind of a Wizard ★)
    Took a while for me to figure out how to customize my profile, but thanks to Johnny's perfect advice it all made sense! Check it out, I like it a lot

    (Althought its a bit messy lol)

    "You gotta save the image to your desktop then upload the image to an album here on central.Then copy the link below the pic and put it into the slot."

    - Johnny

    Its pretty easy if anyone has been wanting to try but has been unable to figure it ...

    Updated 9-30-12 at 10:32:06 PM by Mikey.

  5. My Guides

    Here are some of the guides I've made:

    [URL=""]Nemean Rock Guide[/URL]

    [URL=""]King's Tomb Guide[/URL]

    If there is any other guides you would like me to make, post in the comments below. Thanks! :)