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  1. Yay Free Stuff

    Well Yesterday and today I got mega snacks instead of the advertised free snacks so that was lucky. I also won a part of the golden raffle hosted by Adrian Iceshield and got 36 forum gold.

    In game I decided to Finally finish Mooshu and Dragonspyre's book quests and the stone rose quests which took all morning :P but I finally got them done. I also decided to train some pets too while I waited for my Fickle Pickle to grow and I trained a first generation Polar Cat to adult, one of ...
  2. ~Mind Games~

    by , 6-9-12 at 2:02:29 AM (The World of Insanity)
    [quote=~Koda~;3694114][COLOR=black]Ok so I started this story awhile ago but I havent really touched it since then. Since its summer I thought I would try and write some more and what not so here is the Prologue-Chapter 4.[/COLOR]

    [CENTER][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][COLOR=black]Prologue[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER]

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=black]Silence. All around me was silent as I glided along a strange road. A saw lights flickering past me ...
  3. June Contest

    by , 6-9-12 at 12:26:13 AM (Excalibur's Blog of Wizardly Things)
    Hello Wizards and Wizardettes...?

    So now that Central has come out with their June Contests for Wizard101's Pet-a-Palooza, let's talk about them.

    What's your favorite contest? Have you won any yet? Do you think you'll win any?

    Here's a link to the thread about all the contest: [URL][/URL]
    And here's a link to the forum which they are in, make sure and enter: [URL][/URL] ...

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  4. I'm so excited

    I got my letter of acceptance today...

    I applied for a program at a college. It starts in October I'm so excited :D I've worked hard to be able to get into it. It'll give me a start on a nursing degree. I want to be a flight nurse that works on the helicopters. I have to go take an entrance exam to make sure my reading and math skills are where they are supposed to be. I got confidence I can pass it. Today is awesome :D
  5. Well, I did it.

    I've survived my junior year of high school.. So far.. on exams, I've got 2 A's, 2 C's and a D... (yeah, Algebra 2 didn't go too well..)
    Now to catch up on that wonderful thing called sleep<3 I'm so tired, I can't speak right.
    Also 2 free donuts today.. omnomnomnom

    Breckie is up to level 24.. in KrokoSphinx.. I feel extremely high to be in Krokosphinx xDD I've done every single quest so far lol.. its paying off, I guess, cos I can solo about everything xD