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  1. i'll be in my mind palace

    i think i'm going to make blogging a weekly thing, to try to be a little more even...

    before you read this, watch this -


    well, i'm back from london! i actually got back a few days ago, since i only went for a day. oh well. nothing too exciting really, i went on the train but there were no seats so i stood up the whole time. i was luckily able to get a seat on the way ...
  2. Deeply Annoyed

    Ok I need to vent.
    I love Spotify. Despite the lack of more Imagine Dragons, it's a good music listening thing.

    But I'm like seriously mad at them right now. Remeber me talking about American Authors and how fabulous these guys are?
    Yea well Spotify took their album, 'Anthropology' off of itself.
    what what what what what NO

    The worst part is I can't even find the Full Album on Youtube. I don't want to listen to single songs. That's dumb. ...

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  3. Ooookay... I'm trying this blog thing

    Well, I don't know if anyone would be interested in what I have to say, but I thought I'd put my voice out there anyway.

    Anyhoo, here's some random get-to-know-me blah blah blah:
    1. I'm a college student in the USA.
    2. I am a part-time W101 and P101 player, but I don't have a top level character on either game (yet!)
    3. I enjoy hockey and marching band (trombone and baritone horn), even though I can't skate and have two left feet.
    4. My current TV obsession is ...
  4. I'm going to be famous!

    Well... Kinda... XD

    Halloween Bloodline is being filmed like 30-45 minutes from where I live, and I get to be an extra. I'm so excited! I'm going to be in the last scene that's filmed. I can't really talk much about it though. I can't wait! I never thought I would be in a movie. I just want to scream with excitement. :D
  5. moumantai

    just relax, take it easy, or not a problem.

    it's a cantonese phrase that i just loveeeeee