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  1. PvP Deck Set-Ups. Final

    by , 8-9-09 at 12:04:30 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Alright guys so I am willing to make a few deck set ups for the needy people. I will only do set-ups for levels 48-50 so that you have all the school spells.

    I will also do only a couple per school.

    If you want a set-up post your school, and what you spent your training points on. Also include if you are going to use it for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4.
    P.S. I will make these using a 55 card school deck. so if you have the 60 card one, add what you please to fill up ...
  2. 8/8/09- Misc.

    Today, some Central members and I decided to duel against each other, which my team lost. It wasn't a close duel, but we still had fun. When we were done, Blake asked if I wanted to duel, it was me vs. his death wizard, Blake won. After that, I dueled his storm, again, I lost. Third time around, I dueled his fire wizard. Guess who won? Blake :P. Today was a good day, I only spent time on the computer though, but I guess real life can wait ;). Today ended with me letting my pet lizard (named Blenda) ...

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  3. Arena problems resolved.

    [SIZE="4"]Today I got my reply from Mr. Lincoln. It seems to be a good one too:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for taking the time to submit this report. We'll make sure it gets sent along for investigation. If we need more information from you to reproduce the bug, someone will contact you. If you've got anything else you would like to add, just update the ticket when you have a chance with the extra details!

    Thanks again!
    Mr. Lincoln ...
  4. 8/7/09- Dueling, Housing, +Misc.

    I just started trying to duel on my new life wizard (level 8), with my "dueling buddy" Elemental Splash on his new myth character, first duel, we won, which was mostly luck, and a pretty close match, second one, we lost pretty fast. I'm think I should gain a few level before I continue (I can't buy a bigger deck yet, which could be part of the problem), but it's still fun. I'm looking for some new friends on my new wizard, since I only have one active friend to talk to, and I very much ...
  5. Wizard101 and Video Game Talk.

    [INDENT]I would like to congratulate Alex Deathflame for winning the Adept tournament over me! He deserved it, and earned it!

    Next, I started a new myth wizard and he is level 5! :)

    And now.. RANDOM STUFF!

    So.. how's everyone been? How has your summer been?

    Mine's been really.. long. I've been doing lots of stuff with friends, and I've been playing my Wii I have alot :). I beat the final circut on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games last night, ...