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  1. 9/25 - 10/1 | pc hatching schedule.

    ᴄʜᴏɪᴢᴀʜ's ʜᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ sᴄʜᴇᴅᴜʟᴇ
    for the week of 9/25 - 8/1

    this schedule is for my pets listed on the pet central threads.
    this week's pets are bailey, and belle.

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    • step one. scroll down to look at the available times. all times are listed in cdt. this is the current time in cdt.
    • step two. fill out the following form and comment down below. please note that i ask for two time slots in

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  2. I laughed so hard

    Just wanted to say sorry I have not updated "Owling Around" in a long while. All I can say is real life has been giving me hurtles to jump through for awhile and I don't even get to play this game too much anymore.

    I do still log and play wizzy, I still talk to long time friends. Just not very active like I once was. It does pain me to see the times I log on people giving horrid pet advice but will let someone else fight that battle, I got too much on my plate. All those ...
  3. 9/25-9/29 Hatching Schedule

    by , 9-23-17 at 4:25:40 PM (Hatching Time)


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  4. Hatches (18-24): Lord Elvis (armament)

    Times are in Pacific Daylight Time (pst)
    Please leave a comment below with the following:
    Wizard's name:
    Time slot #1
    Time slot #2:

    Hatches will be in realm Phoenix
    Check back here to confirm I have seen your message and put you down.
    Please leave your comment at least two hours in advance
    All hatches must be requested through pet central (including rehatches) then I send you the link to the schedule
    Have at least 55,000 gold and

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  5. Pet Hatches 9/18-9/20


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    Pet Hatches