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  1. Character Profiles

    by , 3-13-14 at 11:31:52 AM (Tastes Quite Horrible)
    The fiction that I have started a while ago has sat untouched for almost a year. Decided that now would be a good time to revive it as my term is ending, freeing up some space between now and my entrance to university. Posting the character profiles for the story here just for kicks. All of them are Mary sues, as I struggle to write flawed characters.

    War hammer: One-handed. Late medieval weapon of war intended for close combat. The handle of a war hammer could range ...

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    Fan fiction
  2. My Not-So-Exciting Life Events!

    Haha I think the title of this blog is still black..

    I'm just gonna warn you, this post is going to be extremely boring, read at your own risk.

    Hmm..My life. School, work, sleep, repeat?

    I'm so excited though. I'm taking the National Spanish Exam in a few weeks.. Yeah.. It's essentially a big Spanish test. Yes, I'm excited to take a Spanish test. JUDGE ME. Plus I get to miss two classes.

    I took it last year and just winged it. No studying whatsoever.. ...
  3. Oh Hello! My names Ben, and I like to sing.. :3

    Hi Guys! Wow, It's been a while.. There is so much I want to talk about, but really, I'm kind of crabby right now.. ^^" So, yea, I'm trying to stay on now longer, and maybe even open up my shop again..MAYBE..

    So tell me, how was your weekend?
  4. Art Advice #2: Character Design

    These aren't mine-so that's why I don't make a guide, but since I can post links, this is great to share good stuff.

    I haven't read all of it; I've mostly looked at the titles and pictures. Overall I like it, I don't have the time to read all of it but it looks good and I'll use it next time.

    But in general from what I've learned it's good to have varying characters with different head shapes, ...
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  5. Hello Again..

    Yeah, uh, hi. I just read my last blog post which was a super long time ago and I said I'd be back. *Edit - almost 9 months ago!

    I lied. But I think I'm actually back for real this time, lol.

    In my last post I said I was going to figure out how to change these blog colors. I still haven't done that.. They changed the forum layout (or whatever) a really long time ago and I'm still trying to figure out some of the little things like this, I feel so pathetic haha. *Edit #2 ...

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