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  1. Casually Appearing

    by , 6-20-14 at 7:50:15 PM (A Curious Life)
    Havent been on here in forever it feels like. 2012 was 2 years ago. :o I did quit W101, i havent had time to get on and i school and sports are taking up my life. Like i have no social life whatsoever. I still make time to come on here and answer any posts i can. (Though most of them relate to the game and i would look like a fool actually trying to answer them). Anyway, so many things have changed since I came back on. THE STORE GOT FIXED. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD. but im not gonna ...
  2. in regards to art

    so it's been like another two months. and yea.
    i've started that new palette challenge thing thats all over tumblr cause i've been wanting to get back into digital art.
    anyways, i finished my first piece last night and decided to post it on here as well as several other sites i go on for critiques. and then i remembered why i never post artwork on here. it took all but a nights sleep to come back to someone accusing me of just painting (?) over an image. it honestly didn't bother me ...
  3. Freebie account progress

    I've started a Free wizard on what was originally a card trading "noob" account.

    He's an Ice, so has lots of health to start, and I managed to raise him to level 10,
    just by doing some of the Wizard City quests.

    I've gotten him a Storm Beetle through one of the giveaways, and once he can train it to adult, I will try to hatch a better pet for him.

    At level 12 I plan to start a garden and obtained a "litter" from the bazaar today. ...
  4. The Kingdom of Magi

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Fall View Post
    Well, I'm proud to say that our clan house is random visitor approved. I'm elated!!!


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  5. The River

    by , 6-15-14 at 2:41:21 AM (Camille Talk)
    Those who wish to be, will be, and only will be. Floating down a river of "being" but yet, not being anything at all. Nothing is something, but something can often be nothing. You may feel nothing, but isn't that something? Continue floating down the river my friends. May it carry you to a better land beyond the savage rocks and jagged branches that tear at you. May you find a better place within yourself where you can again trust and be yourself, for just "being" is not being ...