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  1. Fire Ninjas

    by , 1-3-10 at 1:59:01 AM (As Time Passes You By)
    [FONT=Century Gothic]I was randomly wondering around the Shopping District in Wizard City a few hours ago or so and saw a big group of people formed in a circle in all red talking. So I walked up and said
    "Hey why are you guys all in red?"
    Well its because they were fire Ninjas!! How cool is that? I mean sure it sounds "kinda" noobish to some, but I think its cool.

    I wanted to take a picture of them but they wouldn't really pay be any attention ...

    Updated 8-18-10 at 1:07:29 PM by TaraBeara

  2. What I don't like about big announcements.

    I don't like Wizard 101 announcements.
    Because as soon as KingsIsle announces something cool I check the news 10 times a day and see if the test realm is open 384281 times a day. (maybe I counted wrong)

    Anyway, the test realm didn't come out yet!:comp26::comp26::comp26::comp26::comp26:
    For people who read my last post: "I still don't have my precious!"

    Off topic: Yoda failed grammar.

    :question: Question for people ...

    Updated 4-6-10 at 7:31:21 PM by wizard101fan123

  3. Book of the Prophecy

    [quote=Kay5101;404678]This is a book I've been working on. It needs a better name and I'd like to get feedback. Thanks!

    Author's Note: If you like happy fairytales with evil step mothers, fairy godmothers, or happy endings, this is not the story for you. If you like stories where nobody dies and blood is not spilt, this is not the story for you. Because sadly, not all fairytales come true with one wish. Heros are not born, they are made. And with that note, I will begin the story. ...
  4. Rank dropping, rank dropping, and more rank dropping

    by , 7-3-10 at 1:00:24 PM (Notes Written By An Onion)
    I have dedicated the 3th of July (the 'th' was intentional) to rank dropping my Balance. I am finally getting some matches, and I'm now down to the somewhat lowish rank of 1135. Since I have a deck that I want to play-test, I'm trying to go all the way down to private. Wish me luck!

    Concerning real world news, Argentina lost! Go Germany! It's not that I really like the Germans or anything, but I absolutely could not stand Argentina's coach, Maradona. Terrible guy, so glad that he's ...
  5. The return of "THE BLOG!"

    No letters were hurt during the making of this blog post.

    What's up?

    I took a short break from Wizard101 because it was getting a bit repetitive, but now I'm back! (Who came up with this "You have to capitalize your 'I's" rule. It doesn't make sense.)

    I started doing side quests in Marlybone because they give a good amount of XP.
    And my Danger Hound, Taz, likes licking me.:dog:

    Well, I guess there isn't a lot to write about ...
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