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  1. My Pets!

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    (Reworking on this).

    Hai there!
    I've seen people post their pet list here before.
    I'd like to keep track of which pets I've collected & still need!

    Color Code;

    Need to collect.
    Already collected.

    **If anyone still sees any I didn't list, please let me know!!

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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

    Updated 6-22-21 at 5:38:00 PM by Paige Skyhaven

  2. Pet Projects

    This blog post is going to keep track of my pet dreams.

    Fire: Triple Damage, Double Resist

    Ice: Fairy

    Storm: I currently have a Spark Beast in need of improvement. It has three damages manifested, but its stats are too low to continue. Working towards quadruple damage/Spell-proof, then a triple damage/proof/heal.

    - mercenary 3.0 pet
    - Bronze Eagle
    - Improve Maple Moose

    Death: This Avenging Fossil is ...

    Updated 3-28-16 at 4:31:47 PM by ~Kristen~

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  3. Familiars: A Love Affair

    In all my years of wizarding, I haven't really explored the possibilities of pet genetics. Sure, I've dabbled here and there, especially when my expert pet breeder wizard friends offer hatches with choice pets. I was generally satisfied if my pet might cast Spritely or a blade on occasion. But I just didn't have an interest in all the hard work of keeping track of the long-term outcomes of various hatches, until now.

    Recently, the urge to HATCH has overtaken my wizarding moments, and ...

    Updated 10-12-13 at 1:39:02 PM by IridianShadowweaver

  4. Pvp

    I'm starting to get into pvp a little bit. I've looked up some talents for my pet so I got that figured out. I pvp on Ryan but now he's level 16, he does practice but he did one ranked match against a level 23 fire. I won because I had his health down then at the end I used samoorai to finish him of. I was supprised that I won the match. My myth is horrible at pvp though.
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