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  1. 8/7/09- Dueling, Housing, +Misc.

    I just started trying to duel on my new life wizard (level 8), with my "dueling buddy" Elemental Splash on his new myth character, first duel, we won, which was mostly luck, and a pretty close match, second one, we lost pretty fast. I'm think I should gain a few level before I continue (I can't buy a bigger deck yet, which could be part of the problem), but it's still fun. I'm looking for some new friends on my new wizard, since I only have one active friend to talk to, and I very much ...
  2. Wizard101 and Video Game Talk.

    I would like to congratulate Alex Deathflame for winning the Adept tournament over me! He deserved it, and earned it!

    Next, I started a new myth wizard and he is level 5!

    And now.. RANDOM STUFF!

    So.. how's everyone been? How has your summer been?

    Mine's been really.. long. I've been doing lots of stuff with friends, and I've been playing my Wii I have alot . I beat the final circut on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games last night, it
  3. A New House, New FAQ, and a few other things.

    by , 8-7-09 at 6:31:24 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Hello there, Wizard 101 Central! Currently, I'm thinking of buying a new home. (I currently have a Wooded Cottage.) What kind of home should I buy? (After this, I'll have a House Party celebrating my brand new real estate buy.) Please do either PM me or Comment on what kind of House I should buy.

    In other news, I've decided to have a FAQ every Week. If you'd like to ask me a question PLEASE PM me ONLY and make the title "FAQ".

    Also, please do leave a response ...
  4. ~post from wizard101

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B][I][U]AUGUST 5TH[/U][/I][/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

    [B]No Need to trade your Treasure Cards for Codes![/B]
    There's no reason you need to give up your hard earned Treasure Cards to players who promise you codes! [SIZE=3][COLOR=red][B][I][U]The one and only multi-use code that is currently active is 'spell'.[/U][/I][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] All other generic word codes are deactivated. Remember - codes for the Umbra Sword are one use and cannot be exchanged! ...
  5. I will be away...

    Sad NEWS everyone, Everyone who Knows me anyway.

    :surprised:I have let my subscription end until the end of September, saving the money for Hallowe'en 09, Nothing really happening right now. I hope this year's is as kool as last year's. I pray that I can get my Black Cat Back. I miss her so much...

    Anyways I will only be in Wizard City I have all Areas Unlocked there. So I will see you if I see you LOL.

    And I will most likely be helping at new players, ...

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