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  1. Simple Plan - Astronaut

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-MgRkSh5Xk"]Simple Plan - Astronaut [New Music Video] - YouTube[/ame]
  2. What I Will Do

    Since I really like listening to music, I decided I'll post one song that I like everyday (or maybe every two days)
    Here's the first one:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvgZkm1xWPE"]Coldplay - Viva La Vida - YouTube[/ame]

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  3. ...

    by , 8-26-12 at 12:51:22 AM (Sam's Life)
    [SIZE=2][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hello.
    Remember Chelsea from yesterday? Yeah, earlier this afternoon I got into a fight with her. Not really a fight, but something like, disagreeing. We were talking about her clothes (in wizard101) when I said (the cause of the fight...) "Your shoes doesn't match your outfit." (Who knew simple phrase like that could start a fight?) Well, she started disagreeing and it got a little out of hand. She got mad, I got mad. I probably shouldn't got mad. She ...

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  4. Meet My Best Best Best Best Buddies!


    Meet my best best best best buddies!
    Wonder how I met them? They found me. Yes, found. I was doing 1v1 on my Storm at around May 2011 when suddenly, a wild Chelsea and Blaze appears! After the 1v1 match, Blaze comes near me and whispers slowly, "Would you *dramatic pause* like to ...

    Updated 8-25-12 at 3:57:41 AM by ~Luke~

  5. Having Only A Text Chat

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]I feel lonely only having a Text Chat. It is as if I'm the only person left that only has Text Chat. All of my text chatter friends got open chat, and yes, I'll admit, I'm jealous. Ah, I'll probably get one eventually, at least, for now, I can talk.
    This entry is short [You don't say?], but hey, I got nothing to talk about on this topic.

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