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  1. Scot's Avatar
    Oh yeah, I forgot he could do that. Thnx!!!
  2. Deathshard's Avatar
    He can be online without showing him being online. Just send him the PM and he will get it.
  3. Scot's Avatar
    @Phluff yeah, it was lol. And @Amphitrite I can't decide either on Scot, Scot., or ~Scot~.
  4. Jas's Avatar
    What are you going to change your name to?
  5. phluff's Avatar
    HI XD That was fun filming lol, it was also really painful waiting for stuff :P What would you change your name to btw?
  6. merridian's Avatar
    Enjoy your vacation
  7. Jas's Avatar
    Maplestory is a pretty good game. But, the higher level you get (let's say level 55), it's a lot of grinding.
  8. Scot's Avatar
    [quote=merridian;bt19374]Cool, are you going for a mix? which one?[/quote] I hatched with his Phoenix and got Fiery Judgement. He got that Fire Wyrven.
  9. merridian's Avatar
    Cool, are you going for a mix? which one?
  10. phluff's Avatar
    That was random lolz.
  11. GinelleGH's Avatar
    I finished WT with my Fire legend & loOove my new Phoenix! My Life wizzie is next!
  12. merridian's Avatar
    Nice job on the grades, must feel great. I'm sure those crowns and the sub will feel even greater!
  13. merridian's Avatar
    Congrats on magus stat!
  14. Scot's Avatar
    [quote=Asteria;bt18185]Oh ok well i dont play dragonball z so i wouldnt know how hard it is xD[/quote] lol its cool
  15. Scot's Avatar
    [quote=Kane Giantblood;bt18201]Congratz and sorry. :P[/quote] thnx and its ok
  16. Kane Giantblood's Avatar
    Congratz and sorry. :P
  17. Varus's Avatar
    Oh ok well i dont play dragonball z so i wouldnt know how hard it is xD
  18. Scot's Avatar
    [quote=Asteria;bt18178]What game is it?....[/quote] i dont think you will care or reply its Dragon ball Z Shin Budokai Another Road
  19. Varus's Avatar
    What game is it?....
  20. Scot's Avatar
    [quote=Kane Giantblood;bt17944]Eh I don't really like it sorry :\.

    Also I really don't care about the royal wedding.

    But interesting post. :3[/quote] i srsly dont care what you think i was just saying it srslyand umm thnx for saying i havea intresting post
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