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  1. brownie1112's Avatar
    I like that kitty
  2. brownie1112's Avatar
    the one who said abcs the 112123 etc... and the no cheese was not me
  3. brownie1112's Avatar
    ya' people know about specks?(spectrobes. has griden on my user as wallpaper)

    the person who was saying that was not me

    do you know of Pv.Z Plants vs. zombies it awsome i beat the whole game
  4. WickedSorceress4u's Avatar
    Happy HOLIDAYS to you too! I love your kitty's!
  5. Lady Cat's Avatar
    Happy Holidays from the Cat's Family Lady Cat,Lord Cat,and Kitten Cat
  6. VAMPIREBOY37's Avatar
    sorry to read that but dont stop playing this game rocks and also i have a question i have bought the biggest castle form dragonspyre and there is a dragon flying around it i also saw on the commercial that a girl was riding the dragon so i wanted to know if i could to and i want to say something else i play wizard 101 all the time i get subscription when i can i am a master necromancer lvl 46 but i had lots of times that i couldnt go to other worlds but look at me now i didnt give up i did what i could to be at this lvl and i will still be playing and getting subscription when i can and i dont even have a job and sorry i hope you find another job
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  7. masteraiden's Avatar
    Sry to hear that.... Hope you find another soon. If you do the
  8. Anna256's Avatar
    I am so sorry to hear this you will be in my prayers. My bro just got out of the army and me and his family are trusting in our faith. I wish i had a job to give you.
  9. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I hope you find a job! (:
  10. Lifeman101's Avatar
    i cant wait until they release the christmas stuff
  11. Lifeman101's Avatar
    dude this is so awesome
  12. Maddhatter's Avatar
    i am thankful for life with its negative and positive qualities, for that is what shapes us and all around us.
  13. AceNinja8000's Avatar
    this is really coool!
  14. megawizard33's Avatar
    i am new to this thing lol
  15. White Tiger Knight's Avatar
    [quote=honno;bt1883]it's olmost november. time to renew[/quote]

    Well it's November 1st and like I said I have returned, but not until the 5th. So count it down, there is 5 day until my mighty return.
    :groovybanana: :groovybanana:
  16. honno's Avatar
    it's olmost november. time to renew
  17. KahlanAmnell's Avatar
    Oh noes!! I'll miss seeing you in-game! But glad to see that you will be sticking around the communities. Thx to you I finally got my Secret Shopper badge. Yay!

    Bye Eddie!!

  18. SilverBird's Avatar
    hehe nice very well done
  19. Hanamana's Avatar
    Err I meant in bbcode, not html.
  20. Hanamana's Avatar
    In html, the code is:

    [url=http://www.yourblog.com/] [img ]http://www.yoursignature.gif[/img ][ /url]

    Remove all spaces for it to work though.
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