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  1. Women's Beach Volleyball Gold

    [quote=Jas;3924765]As some of you may know, the women's beach volleyball gold medal match was played by the two women's USA teams. [Auto gold and silver. :D] It was Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-Jennings VS April Ross and Jen Kessi.

    And the gold goes to....

    Misty and Kerri. :D 3rd time in a row to win gold in beach volleyball for the girls. Misty is retiring this year so what an awesome way to go out. :)

    Just thought I'd post this early for you ...
  2. Ralph is home!


    Ralph is my computer BTW. He got all fixed up and had his logic board replaced [mother board]. He was illogical before. xD Anyways, I can now post and reply to VMs and write things that don't seem depressing.

    ~ Jas
  3. Computer Troubles

    I won't have a computer for about five days. Don't expect me to be on much as I hate typing on my tablet. My computer is being repaired.

    Happy olympics. (And I will reply to some messages, but I won't be ingame at all.)
  4. [Almost] Dun with Dun Dara

    [It was a horrible attempt at a clever title. Don't laugh.]

    Well, I'm almost done with Dun Dara. I'm trying to take Necromantic Vigor from the demonic death seraphs with ungodly amounts of health for mobs... After that only a couple more quests and some quests in Caliburn and then off to the Outer Yard. Woo!

    By the way, Trollin' the Spiral previews are being moved to [U]Fridays[/U].

    And... Expect a rant from me soon. Yep. Central is becoming horrible ...
  5. To Avalon!

    Last night I bought 13k-ish crowns online to buy AV with. Yay. ^^ Now I have all the worlds again.

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