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  1. Busy Bee

    Life is so hard and tiring right now. So much homework, tests, and studying. On top of that I have sports and debate and other stuff. Ugh.... :/
    That's why I'm looking forward to the weekend more than ever even though I still have homework then. At least tomorrow's Friday... No, I'm not posting the song I'm that tired.

    So if I seem boring, tired, mean, etc., you know why...

    ~ Amphitrite
  2. Whoops >.<"

    Did I forget to mention I crafted my Watchtower Hall? Heh. It was implied when I posted the cool-down before it but this is official... :d

    Watchtower Hall crafted by Amphitrite (Jasmine SummerRider, level 70, Storm wizard) - 1/30/12

    So far, I'm making excellent progress considering I only play on weekends. I'm also done with the exterior. Unfortunately, I need to ...
  3. Post to post!

    [quote=Justin.;3261967][CENTER][SIZE=5][FONT=Century Gothic]Justin's Valentines Raffle.[/FONT][/SIZE]

    [FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4]Post to Post![/SIZE][/FONT]

    [SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Post 10 - Dragon's Hoard Pack
    Post 25 - 10 Forum Gold
    Post 35 - 10 Forum Gold
    Post 50 - Nightmare Pack
    Post 70 - 10 Forum Gold
    Post 100 - Wyvern's Hoard Pack
    Post 150 - 10 Forum Gold
    Post 200 - Raven's Hoard Pack

    Remember ...
  4. La Familia de Central

    Who's in your Central family? ^^
  5. 11:00 PM

    Grrrrr. I hate the cool down timers.

    Updated 1-29-12 at 9:09:10 PM by Jas

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