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A Dark Blog

This Is my Blog. I may not have high level wizards but I do know a TON about wizard101. I like to collect pets, espically one that look cool. I like to know that people view my blog so enjoy!

  1. Stuff and... Stuff XD

    Well my NIghtwalker Manifested Sharp Shot at Teen which is not bad I guess. It's not at adult yet because I get on energy from gardening. I finally went and got a like on my red grapes of wrath so by thursday i think they will be elder. I also planted Pink Dandelions on my Myth Wizard yesterday and they are already young. I think they will be elder by saturday.
  2. So many Disconnects

    by , 6-1-12 at 10:46:32 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Well for the past few hours people have been disconnected several times. Now though KI has put the Servers under emergency maintenance. Thank goodness. I could not leave or enter any areas or teleport.

    Well on other news I hatched again and Finally for my Nightwalker with a chance at spritley. When the servers come back online I will train it and hope it gets it.

    While I wait I watch old Pokemon episodes. By the end of the summer I want to have finished them ALL. ...
  3. Leveling Balance and Stuff.

    by , 5-31-12 at 9:40:03 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Well Last time I got on wizard101 I leveled my Balance a level and a half. He got to level 12 and a half and I went and did the spell for Balanceblade. In the future I think I will train Death to Wraith and get a Death Mastery amulet of him just because Balance does not really have much of an option for Training Points because they dont have much of a weak point. I am thinking of training Fire to Elf as well as a way to remove shields. I need Suggestions.

    Edit: I am SO exited for ...

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  4. Gardening Plan

    by , 5-29-12 at 7:31:07 AM (A Dark Blog)
    I made a gardening plan which will take some work to start but once its done it will be giving me so much gold I wont know what to do with it. It will really help supply the money i need for pet hatching.

    Since I have been bored on my Death and Myth I decided to get back on my Balance and finish wizard city on him. I am about to go and battle lord nightshade then I will try and finish all the side quests :P
  5. Come On!

    by , 5-27-12 at 8:39:08 AM (A Dark Blog)
    I have been recently trying to get a Nightwalker with Spritely and I got my Leprechaun back for the 3rd time :P Thankfully my Reg Grapes of wrath give me like 2-3 snacks each so I an able to sell those for the gold I need. By Elder I hope I will have a Nightwalker with a chance at Spritly. Then On to getting it with May Cast Deathblade.

    On another note I have 2 weeks of school left and the last one we just goof off because this week we finish our tests. I also only have 1 more test ...
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