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This Is my Blog. I may not have high level wizards but I do know a TON about wizard101. I like to collect pets, espically one that look cool. I like to know that people view my blog so enjoy!

  1. Hatch Number 7: Still no Progress

    by , 6-13-12 at 7:00:47 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Well hatch 6 did got sharp shot at teen and hatch 7 was the wrong pet. I'm hoping after it manifests sprite this will be easier. Though I know this will take a long time.

    In other news I am waiting for the crown deal to come up so I can buy it. I am also going to buy a bunch of 3DS games later too. Also going to get back on another forum I go to as well (a pokemon one).
  2. Hatch Number 5: No Progress was made

    by , 6-10-12 at 7:41:29 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well in my Quest for a Perfect Nightwalker my latest hatch for Life Proof at teen :P Now I have to hatch with myself again and hope for the best. The new egg however has lots of spots for Drop It to be in and there are only 2 slots for Life Proof to sneak in. I think this one will manifest Sprite and Drop It.

    In other stuff I soloed Malistare today on a level 58 Death which if I do say so myself is impressive. I got a Fire Robe, Storm Athame and Life Ring. I really wanted Myth or ...
  3. Yay Free Stuff

    Well Yesterday and today I got mega snacks instead of the advertised free snacks so that was lucky. I also won a part of the golden raffle hosted by Adrian Iceshield and got 36 forum gold.

    In game I decided to Finally finish Mooshu and Dragonspyre's book quests and the stone rose quests which took all morning :P but I finally got them done. I also decided to train some pets too while I waited for my Fickle Pickle to grow and I trained a first generation Polar Cat to adult, one of ...
  4. Semi Succes on Nightwalker

    Well at Adult my first good hatch got Sharp Shot and May Cast Disarm. I was aiming for both Spritley and May Cast Disarm. Next I will hatch it with my Leprechaun to try to get both Sprite and May Cast Diarm on it. Then I will have to hatch with something that has Proof and Defy.
  5. My 10 favorite things in Wizard101

    I recently found that crafting is SO much fun. After getting master artistan and crafting new things I find that I really enjoy it. So here is a list of 10 Things that make me happy in wizard101 (in no particular order).

    1. Crafting
    2. Leveling up
    3. Making New Wizards
    4. Gardening
    5. PvP
    6. Pet Derby
    7. Friends
    8. Decorating Houses
    9. Wizard101 Central
    10. Questing

    Thanks for reading guys! I hope that ...
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