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This Is my Blog. I may not have high level wizards but I do know a TON about wizard101. I like to collect pets, espically one that look cool. I like to know that people view my blog so enjoy!

  1. Nightwalker Y U NO get 2 good talents!

    by , 6-21-12 at 8:06:45 AM (A Dark Blog)
    WELL yet again Sharp Shot has messed up another pet of mine. This Nightwalker got Sprite and Sharp Shot. The good thing is that the person I hatched says she will beg me to hatch with her so she can get drop it. And thus this helps me a lot in my journey to getting my perfect pet.

    In other wizard things I got did another waterworks run but I my Robe Back. Though I did get 2 Mega Snacks A Hambrosia and a Baby Carrot. I also yesterday hit Level 68 and Got my New Spell. Thoguh I stilll ...
  2. Hatch Number 9: Looking good

    by , 6-20-12 at 7:18:53 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Yesterday I met a very nice person who was willing to hatch with my pet twice! Once on my Death and then again on my noob Myth. The First hatch I got her Samoorai which got Pain Giver and Life Shot :P

    However the Second Time I hatched I got my Nightwalker Back. If my Luck really IS amzing it can get the talents and become my perfect pet! Though I doubt that will happen in under 10 hatches :P
  3. Wow! My luck is insane

    by , 6-18-12 at 7:02:06 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well as I was writing my last post I was doing yet another Waterworks run and guess what I got... My Death Robe! In 3 runs I already have my Hat and my Robe!

    Also I bought some Hoard packs and in one of them I think you all can guess what I got...

    Hydra Mount!

    Although It's not as cool as I thought I would be its still really neat.
  4. Now for a Real Blog Post Today

    by , 6-17-12 at 12:59:36 PM (A Dark Blog)
    I have not had a good post in a while so here one is! 2 days ago I bought the 50$ crown deal for 40,000 crowns which are currently being put to good use. I have been buying areas to quest in have been leveling up pretty quickly. I am currently level 62 and am in the Science Center in Celestia. However I thought it would be a good time to do some questing in Grizzleheim so I went back and started Ravenscar. I think I am almost done with it.

    Yesterday however was spent horribly. I ...
  5. What is the Best Death Gear

    by , 6-17-12 at 6:27:22 AM (A Dark Blog)
    I got a level 60 athame from the tower of helephant and my death ww hat a moment ago and It got me thinking What is the best Death Gear?
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