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This Is my Blog. I may not have high level wizards but I do know a TON about wizard101. I like to collect pets, espically one that look cool. I like to know that people view my blog so enjoy!

  1. Sorry about the lack of posts

    by , 7-31-12 at 4:46:54 PM (A Dark Blog)
    I was so focused on the game I forgot about this blog lol. Well I felt like crying today because i have 2 weeks of summer left and I'm going into highschol :I not very fun.

    But ANYWAY in pet news the nightwalker that got defy at teen got may cast disarm at adult which FINALLY means i have a nightwalker with 2 of the talents i want. However is got sharp shot at ancient which makes it a fail. HAtched for another though and at teen it got disarm so this one looks good to.
  2. Been a week since last post

    by , 7-11-12 at 6:55:58 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Been a while huh? well amazingly enough I am already in the outer yard.

    I farmed mirror lake 4 times today and got 3 well 4 crown items. I got level 65 life boots 2 pairs of sidhe shoes, and a leopard pet. I decided to tally up my mega snacks exp and i have over 500 exp of mega snacks. Once I get to 950 I will have enough for a pet to epic. But first i need to tell you all something good...

    My nightwalker got may cast disarm at adult! Finally a pet with 2 talents I ...
  3. Entering Avalon

    WELL today I finally crafted both my spirit drumbs and got the legendary artistan rank. Which is something I wanted to do before Avalon and now I'm in Avalon and exited!

    I havent updated pet stuff so here it is. I am currently on hatch 11 and I hatched with an amazing person and got my nightwalker back. I trained it to teen with some mega snacks I got from mirror lake farming and it got Defy! Then I stopped because I am currently gardening for more megas.

    Later al ...
  4. Yay! New blog post after some time

    Hey guys been a while because last week I was at summer camp! Also Happy 4th you guys. Good day today so far. My aunt is coming over to watch fireworks with us. I am about to go into Avalon but before that I need to finish legendary artistsan. Which in fact I'm almost done with I just need 8 Fossil for the last congo drum and 9 sunstone for the last spirit drum which is what I'm working on right now. Pretty good day so far guys I made a lot of progress.

    I also finished watching the ...
  5. Off to Camp

    by , 6-23-12 at 9:45:27 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well today we take a long drive through Alabama to get to the camp I'm going to. I won't be back until this saturday so until then see you all later!

    I also got another failed hatch but I'm gonna hatch more when i get back.
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