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  1. 24601's Avatar
    Good luck, I plan on doing this as well
  2. Fairy099's Avatar
    If ya work hard you'll make it to the Olympics.
  3. Maya's Avatar
    D:< I'm staring Highschool too. I'm not looking forward to waking up at 5am. Anyways, good luck with your pet! c:
  4. God's Grace's Avatar
    Well, probably the WaterWorks gear. I'd also get the Bear's Claw of Death and Black Spinel of Battle, just because they give good power pips (:
  5. Nesogra's Avatar
    Basic pve setup-death to feint, ice to tower., sun damage enchantments. You need tower shield and the ice dual shield to deal with balance bosses later on.
  6. ~Sam~'s Avatar
    Yes I live overseas
  7. XxxDestinyxxX's Avatar
    You get to school in a different country? o:
  8. God's Grace's Avatar
    congrats! i just got there too! haha(: gl with grandmaster! :3
  9. xRareMuskratx's Avatar
    i think you should use the cursed staff because it has critical and a stronger attack. hope you agree
  10. Mythlord's Avatar
    Oh, one other thing, the cursed staff didn't see the things you click on to see the wands xD
  11. Mythlord's Avatar
    Hey this is one of my first times on it depends what school do you want it to be?

    This is also my first time on any tips?
  12. DustyCat's Avatar
    The Cursed Staff looks much more Deathy :3
  13. Makimaki's Avatar
    well it depends on your style likings and prefences i would choose the blade wand as they are rare and always usually powerful
  14. The Dragoness's Avatar
  15. Stormy Chaos's Avatar
    Thank's for telling me about the yellow elf Sam. I had no idea there was a such thing. If you like collecting cool pets, you want to hatch? I have a pet w/ MC spritely. Reply if you want to!
  16. 115415's Avatar
    i bet u do like wizard101 alot
  17. Ryan Skyfriend's Avatar
    Ryan sky friend here sam want to farm the master tower
  18. Anwarlife's Avatar
    Is that ghost dragon good can u tell meh it's talents :D
  19. Stormy Chaos's Avatar
    So, if you need help, is it ok if i give you ALL of my treasure cards. I dont really like them, but i've been stocking them up for 2 years, and i got nothing to do with them so, reply once you get this message!
  20. Jas's Avatar
    Awww, that's sweet ^^
    Girls usually appreciate you just going out there and asking them out. And you just need to be confident, don't worry about if she rejects you

    Good luck!
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