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This Is my Blog. I may not have high level wizards but I do know a TON about wizard101. I like to collect pets, espically one that look cool. I like to know that people view my blog so enjoy!

  1. Its about to happen...

    by , 12-28-13 at 6:45:15 AM (A Dark Blog)
    I'm logging in to Wizard101 for the first time in over a year. Its time for some nostalgia.... after everything downloads :P

    by , 12-4-13 at 9:22:40 PM (A Dark Blog)
    So It's been like a year since I last played this game. Last time I played I was trying to craft a Deer Knight spell until I quit the game. I am going to try to get back into it when my exams are over. This game has really become nostalgic for me.
  3. Deer Knight and Tag Challange: Grow plants grow

    by , 8-6-12 at 10:32:05 AM (A Dark Blog)
    Well I got all the big things done for tag a few days ago. Now I just need the extraordinary and the amber for it. My King Parsley matured today and they look like they are gonna be elder in a few days. I wish they would grow faster or one of them would get a pixie because i have every like on them but pixies.

    Also to make things easier instead of listing what i have and need i'll just list what i need.

    Amber 0/22
    Extraordinary 2/4
  4. Deer Knight and Tag Challange: Jeeze Jail Cells are huge!

    So far I have crafted 5 out of 8 broken jail cells, and MAN are they big! Idk how it takes 8 of those things for tag. Other News I planted some king parsley yesterday and managed to get 3 likes on them. I hope i can get a pixie soon so that they grow faster though. Since I have all the reagents to finish the jail cells its time to start gathering reagents for the carocell.
  5. Deer Knight and Tag Challange: Garden Plots Ready to go

    by , 8-1-12 at 12:12:59 PM (A Dark Blog)
    Well I got my 37 plot gardens ready on my myth and my death wizards. I am going to plant some of my king parsley soon so that i can get more via harvests. Not gonna plant my Red Bell Pepper or White Tiger lily just yet becuase they wont be elder by the time I fly back home to asia. I also am going to plant my only key lime so that i get more because they are good for leveling wizards in gardening.

    Central Contests have been announced today. I worked an hour on my dorm entry today. ...
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