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  1. Fantastic Night Farming!

    This was my night to farm.

    In one run through the House o Scales dungeon I got:

    -Rooted Grimoire pet
    -Sorcerer Hunter pet
    -Mander Palanquin mount

    After that I went to Nightshade and in the first 2 battles received:

    -Pilgrim robe and a Autumn wand.

    Best part is I had none o these items yet!
  2. Gift Card Pets I Need

    This is mainly for my own reference.

    Rowdy wildclaw
    Sly piggle
    Spark colossus
    Wildwood cyclops
    Arctic cat
    Battle pig
    Blue dragon
    Bold dragon
    Bolt colossus
    Forest Cyclops
    Frost cat
    Frozen cat
    Glacier cat
    Cheery piggle
    Jovial piggle
    Life cyclops
    Nimble piggle
    Scout pig
    Shock colossus
    Shock demon
    Skyscream demon
    Sturdy wildclaw ...

    Updated 6-3-12 at 6:01:33 AM by Hollywood

  3. Happy Accident

    I wasn't trying to get all these talents together on one pet, it just happened. Didn't even know Cloud o'Bugs was on any of the parents, neither had it manifested. Personally, I would have preferred 'may cast disarm' to 'bugs' but I can't complain, it could've opened something lame at epic.

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  4. Bad luck

    Tonight I tried for the Patriotic Leprechaun pet. Failed 5 times in a row. So, 200k in gold for nada. I'm hoping I can salvage something out of it by manifesting "drop it" on one of the pets, since the talent slot did pass to some of them. But I know better than to hold my breath. I trained one of the offspring some and it opened bloody health gift at teen.
  5. "New Lands, New Treasures, New Toys" Oh boy~

    When I hear that I think of new crown items, which means more stuff I'm prolly gonna want. And I still haven't gotten a life amulet or that darn bone dragon yet. KI has their hands in my pockets before there's even any money there. I really need a cheaper hobby.

    Ya, I know these are things that I don't need to buy. But I can't help wanting the latest and greatest.
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