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  1. 'State of the Meta' PvP, Dev Diary.

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    From the Wizard101 social media site:

    Wizard101's lead designer, Ratbeard, loves to livestream the game and get your feedback on proposed design changes.
    Check out what his team is thinking for PvP in Ratbeard's latest 'State of the Meta' PvP dev diary!

    Developer Diaries

    Ben "Ratbeard" Durbin
    Lead Designer

  2. gear

  3. pvp balance mid level

    First, all bubbles should be the same cost.

    If giving everyone an attack bubble is not diverse enough for you, why not make non attack bubbles useful by making bubbles only work in favor of the team that cast them? If you cast sanctuary it boosts heals for your team only. Doom and gloom would only cut healing for the other team (might need to move it back to only 50% again). The same for damage bubbles. If you go into rank on your ice wizard and fight another ice, why not still
  4. Ultimate Minion 2v2

    The Ultimate Minion 2v2!
    This is a team 2 player tournament for wizards level 70+.

    16 team spots are available, and the tournament will begin when the spots are filled.

    Ever wish your minion was a little smarter? Do you wish it would heal you when you need healing? Shield you when you need a shield? In this tournament one player will act as the "minion". Their job will be to support their teammate in true minion fashion, but hopefully with a bit
  5. Level Specific Tournament Rules

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    These rules are placed here as an easy go to for TM as they open level specific tournaments. Simply copy/paste the correct set of rules to the appropriate level tournament and you're all set!


    • No 1st Generation Crowns gear
    • No critical/block
    • No treasure card blades
    • Only 1 may cast heal talent is allowed
    • No treasure card Judge
    • Damage cap is 60%
    • Heal boost is capped at 50%
    • No Wild Bolt or Insane Bolt
    • 5 dispels max
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