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  1. 6th wizard with FULL Commander arena gear.

    by , 8-17-10 at 3:34:32 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Well so far I have 6 Grandmasters, and today I got my Death his last piece of full commander gear. That means now I have 6 Grandmaster, and ALL 6 have full commander gear. Last will be ice. However my ice is level 23 and has only 14 tickets lol, so it will be awhile until I have all 7 schools wih full arena gear.

    But I am content for now. :)
    Now I have a wider variety of wizards to use for tournaments :P
  2. 6th Grandmaster: Alex Starrider

    by , 8-9-10 at 7:59:08 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Well today I received my 6th Grandmaster, Alex Starrider, Fire school.
    I would like to thank Aussy for beating me in Master tournament so I can start questing sooner. :P Also, would like to Tthank Outrageous Autumn for always helping me and Questing with me starting in Necropolis. :)

    Even better he received his last piece of Commander gear yesterday. Day before I reached grand. Even received last piece of grand clothes while questing. :)
    [IMG]http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=137&pictureid=105120[/IMG] ...

    Updated 8-9-10 at 8:10:03 PM by Alex JadeRider

  3. Ideas for Blog(your opinions)

    by , 7-30-10 at 3:25:11 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Hey guys, I figured I should start using my blog again, and wanted to know what some of you guys would like to see from me in my blog? So please post things you'd like me to blog about. :)

  4. Warped Tour!

    by , 8-15-09 at 7:19:35 PM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Hey guys. Totally not Wizard101 related but I just got my ticket for Warped Tour, and I am STOKED! Haha should be hecks fun. Not saying when I am going, becase that can reveal which location I going to be at and such, but should be chill. Anyone else already been to Warped Tour in thheir city? If so how was it?

    This is my first Warped Tour, so I am nervous because I do not know what to expect, but still ecstatic.
  5. Camping

    by , 8-10-09 at 2:32:22 AM (The Blog that will eventually be about PvP.)
    Hey guy, this is just a heads up. I will be gone Monday 8/10- Wednesday 8/12. I am going camping with some friends without electricity or internet. Which means I will be unable to deal with PvP issues and such.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
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