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A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog

A Mid-Autumn Nights' Blog

  1. Autumn IceGem's First Duel

    by , 9-23-09 at 12:30:10 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    This was my Ice Wizard's first duel.

    Autumn Icegem, level 45, competiting in the Master Tournament here on Central.

    I love filming them, so I can watch them again,
    and see my mistakes or the things I did right.

    Hunter did a Great Job!

  2. Biggest Tournament Ever!

    by , 9-7-09 at 10:13:28 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    We just opened the largest tournament hosted on Central so far!

    64 spots... 100 forum gold to the winner!

    Grandmaster tournament #6.

    Hope to see you all there!!

  3. PvP Night fun we had, SOOO fun!

    by , 9-6-09 at 5:19:26 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    At last night's PvP nights, I had an absolute Blast!!! to say the least.

    It started with me coming to watch a 3v3 duel from one of our tournaments.
    Ended up with a bunch of us dueling it up until the early morning hours.
    Name:  arena friends.jpg
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    This is a pic of before we started dueling, and some had to leave.. then others joined.

    Those who joined after were, Jack Wraith, Arlen Dragontamer, Valkoor Deathbane, Alex Deathflame, Allan/aces,

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  4. My PvP Challenge to You... Are you wizard enough?

    by , 9-4-09 at 5:56:11 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    Now that you're here.... read to the end

    The player vs. player arenas, are my personal favorite part of Wizard101.

    Sometimes, it can also be tense and arguments can occur.
    It's a battle between players.

    Notice I said Players. Meaning real live people on the other side of that duel circle.

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  5. Our New Squirrel Babies

    by , 9-4-09 at 3:52:08 PM (A Mid-Autumn Night's Blog)
    For those who don't know me well... I'm such a sucker for taking care of and rescuing animals.

    I love it! My kids say constantly, "mom, google what we need to feed them!"

    I take in almost anything except cats, my dog would eat them, lol. Although I bought a catbed for the stray cat that doesnt' have a home and it sleeps under our bench, hehe, and the dog isn't allowed to eat it.

    In our tree, we have the chubbiest red squirrel couple. I call the ...

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