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The Blog! is the blog with awesome blog posts which contain random jokes to make this blog seem like it needs more blog posts posted on the blog. If that confused you then you should read it again.

Warning: may cause you to laugh out loud.:thumbup:

  1. Attack of the fire dragon!

    I finally got fire dragon! I took a lot of pictures. Don't look at all of them or else you will be bored because there are so many.
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  2. You know you are a noob at Wizard101 when...

    Off topic: My mother tried to answer a phone call using my sister's iPod touch. Didn't work.
    On topic: I got positive comments on my post about how you know you played Wizard101 too much so I decided to make this. This is a post about how you know you are a noob at Wizard101.

    You know you are a noob at Wizard101 when...[LIST=1][*]You try to eat a gobbler because it looks like a cucumber.[*]You run away from people with the skeleton transformation because you don't ...

    Updated 4-23-10 at 9:58:44 AM by wizard101fan123

  3. Some new stuff about my blog.

    I now have a blog description and blog categories. If you like my sense of humor then check out my stuff under the jokes categories. If you don't like my sense of humor then you should [B][U]practice[/U][/B] liking my sense of humor.

    Anyway, have you seen the new Sherlock [B]Bones[/B] movie yet? (Lol, I was going to take the Sherlock Holmes movie poster and paste a dog head on Sherlock Holmes's face. I wanted to do that for my last post but I then thought it would be a waste of time.) ...
  4. How to spell krocanomicon and how to know you didn't play Wizard101 enough.

    You know you played too much Wizard101 if you yell at a cucumber for eating your house. You know you played too little Wizard101 if you don't understand the joke.

    :bek052::meuh:"I will cast a storm shark on you if you don't tell me where malistair is," said the wizard to the cow.


    How do you spell krokonomicon? Please help!

    Bye people!:coo ...

    Updated 4-6-10 at 8:24:46 PM by wizard101fan123

  5. April fools day is in two weeks. Am I right?

    I am tired so don't complain if my grammar or spelling is wrong.

    I was supposed to have no school today because of spring break but I had a snow make up day. But today was april first so I was happy about going to school. I wrote some extra homework on the chalkboard. And then some other person in the classroom put a fake virus on the computer.

    There is my post about april fools day.

    Bye people.

    Updated 4-6-10 at 8:25:29 PM by wizard101fan123

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