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  1. as23d's Avatar
    it feels strange to comment on this when it has already passed
  2. as23d's Avatar
    ugh i hate to see a guy give up, so do not
  3. as23d's Avatar
    i guess the last part made me crack a smile, cause i did not laugh at any part of it, and i did not expect the many people suffer from ..............itus.
  4. OceansideLover's Avatar
    XD how do people at your school not laugh at these they made me laugh hehe haha hoho.
  5. AnimagiGirl's Avatar
    My BFFs and I say the "What's up?", "The sky" one whenever someone asks us what's up. lol
  6. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    I love it! Lol. This made my day.
    You know you played too much Wizard101 when you keep beating up trees because you want to get a pet crab.
  7. JeremyThundersword's Avatar
    nice man
  8. JeremyThundersword's Avatar
    Sweet dude!
  9. JeremyThundersword's Avatar
    Random much? YE! My best joke is: What did you EAT under there?
    Other guy: Under where?
    Me: HAHA! You ate under where lol
  10. Jen-jen's Avatar
    Haha the sky joke. Pure comedy!
  11. aliszews's Avatar
    I viewed it.
  12. Jen-jen's Avatar
    Dont give up!!!!!!!
  13. Jen-jen's Avatar
    O: STEVE AND LEESHA!!!!!! *gasp*
  14. drdemon411's Avatar
    I think it will be great. I can't wait to let my pets run free around my home! And the idea of my Hydra or Helepant casting spells, leveling up, and racing in the durby?! It sound truely great!
  15. Celaeno's Avatar
    Man u funny XD
  16. echoecho2's Avatar
    nice now only if i could get orthrus LOL!
  17. Celaeno's Avatar
    Your lvl 50 and our still in wc
  18. Celaeno's Avatar
    I close 2 fire drag by da way HOW DO YOU MAKE THOSE ICON THINGS
  19. hope113's Avatar
    so very coll i can't wait to see more iam level seven and i need help
  20. wizard101fan123's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rybread99
    whats was in the present???????????????????????????
    XP Boost Elixir and Skeleton Transformation from WizardBlox.
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