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The Blog!

The Blog! is the blog with awesome blog posts which contain random jokes to make this blog seem like it needs more blog posts posted on the blog. If that confused you then you should read it again.

Warning: may cause you to laugh out loud.:thumbup:

  1. The return of "THE BLOG!"

    No letters were hurt during the making of this blog post.

    What's up?

    I took a short break from Wizard101 because it was getting a bit repetitive, but now I'm back! (Who came up with this "You have to capitalize your 'I's" rule. It doesn't make sense.)

    I started doing side quests in Marlybone because they give a good amount of XP.
    And my Danger Hound, Taz, likes licking me.:dog:

    Well, I guess there isn't a lot to write about ...
  2. Some more of my famous randomness.

    [SIZE=1](some)[/SIZE] People seem to like my humor so here is some more of it.

    Funny emote:
    :26:Yum! Soda! [B]SLURP![/B] Hey! Look at that! The glass is full again!

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck seatbelts. (Lol! You didn't expect seatbelts!)

    Random word of the day: Shoelace!

    You know you played too much Wizard101 when you keep beating up trees because you want to get a pet crab.

    [B]Person ...
  3. This blog post does not deserve to be read. Please don't bother it.

    Whats up?
    [I]The sky.[/I]

    :sorry: for not writing anything on my blog for a long time.

    Actually, I don't think anyone even cared. I mean, nobody ever reads this anyway. I only get 100 views on my funniest posts and almost none on all my other ones.

    Wait a second!

    You know you played too much Wizard101 when you travel around the world and if someone asks you what you are doing you say "I am looking for beetles."

  4. Test realm party pictures!

    Guess who I saw on the test realm?

    [LIST=1][*]someone who has a dark heart[*]someone who calls spirits[*]someone who is friendly[*]someone who made me do his laundry[/LIST]
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  5. Test realm coming soon! No joke!

    Check KingsIsle on youtube and see a video of new pet stuff! On the website it says test realm coming soon! And when you try to log into Wizard101 it says Scheduled Maintenance! Everyone try to collect as much information as you can! More stuff the better! And prepare for school or work tomorrow because it will seem like it will take 3000000 years before you can go home and play on the test realm because it always seems like that before updates and test realm!
    My question for awesome people ...
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