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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Thank you (:
  2. Aareo's Avatar
    Hey, I helped through MooShu ^_^.
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Congrats on Commander rank
  4. Aaron's Avatar
    Wow, congratulations!
  5. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    No problem Brand ^^ You make a great questing partner as well
  6. God's Grace's Avatar
    Congrats! :D
  7. aliszews's Avatar
    Gratz I only have 2 legendary soon to be 3.
  8. Voltare's Avatar
    lol Yay! :D
  9. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Yay to our wizards and my mismatched outfit! :D
  10. Ramesses II's Avatar
    Grats! Good luck in Celestia and getting Medusa!
  11. Voltare's Avatar
    lol, they weren't too bad.
  12. Blood Princess's Avatar
    Congrats. I would take a shower since well... the animals must have errr... smelled... hehe.
  13. Voltare's Avatar
    Yeah, Storyblood calls me "Mr. Clash" because of that gear. I admit, it's definetly a very bad choise in style. :P
  14. Ramesses II's Avatar
    Nice job on reaching GM Artisan! Also, I honeslty can't tell what School Brandon is, lol, his conflicting clothing has me very confsued .

    Also, good luck to your Storm! It is quite easy to solo up through DragonSpyre, my Storm recently reached Legendary status and Celestia was a tough break. I did most of Wintertusk beforehand so I could level up a few times, and finished at, like, 57, lol. You'll need a bit of help, or a lot of carefully calculated Tempests

    Good luck!
  15. Voltare's Avatar
    That too.
  16. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    What happen to having fun with Steph? Should be one of your many plans lol.
  17. deman910's Avatar
    Marleybone is by far the fastest world. I beat it in less than 18 hours (slept for 8, only played 4)
  18. Captain JackAttack's Avatar
    If you want history for England you get that in Marleybone : Big Ben, Royal Museum and more!
  19. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Cool! Congrats! I'm doing the Counterweights atm... Have fun in MB!
  20. Voltare's Avatar
    Yeah, I planned it that way.
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