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  1. Long time no see blog.

    I feel like making a blog post, because.. I can. :P

    Soo.. my balance is 68 and in Zafaria (whoever desinged Zafaria collect quests needs to be punished for the cruelity it brings upon me.). I love balance, it's so fun to solo (..minus balance mobs..)

    My ice finally got done with Avalon, and is sitting in the beginnings of Azteca. I'm such a lazy quester it's not even funny.

    I ALSO FINALLY GOT THE TIKI MOUNT TODAY. You don't even understand how much I love this ...
  2. Good Feeling

    You ever get that feeling when you make a great decision, after so long. I got that now, and I'm not changing my mind. :)

    Here's a note: Friends should accept you for who YOU are, not what they want you TO BE. Just a helpful hint. :)

    Have a good night, and good luck on finals all. :D
  3. Happah Birthday ..to me! :D

    Today is the big day, once again. o;

    Thanks to everyone who has said or will say happy birthday to me. It means a lottt :D
  4. 15 pages of Doom

    I have to write a 15 page paper by the end of next month. Save me lords of paper making and help me through this process.

    Yeah, I'm not too pleased with this, but I CAN DO IT. No procrastination! I WILL DO IT.
  5. Wii U :D!

    So, video game nerd NEWS.

    Wii U was offiically set for NOVEMBER 18TH RELEASE IN USA FOR $299.99 (deluxe version is $349.99)

    OHMYGAWD *video game nerd screams*

    Sorry about that.. I'm just, you know, super excited.. I love the Wii, and the Wii U looks ..amazing. :D
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