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  1. Blogs - people buy them then waste them!

    by , 2-3-10 at 6:27:14 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    Ok I see some blogs that have posts like everyday! or one post every week which I think it great for them! I mean if you buy a blog, wouldn't you use it alot??

    Ok so what I'm getting at is I sometimes visit random's peoples blogs and I see they haven't posted in a few months, or they only posted one time about how they just got a blog which that post would have been a few months old. And when I see that I'm like "if your buying a blog, make sure you have something to talk about!" ...
  2. The Best Blogs List - Forever Changing

    by , 1-31-10 at 9:10:19 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    I have been paying attention to the best blogs list for a while now, and it seems that everyday it changes. Right now its this order

    [/URL] [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/blog.php?u=20177"]The Random Pip[/URL]
    [IMG]http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/images/FH_WOW/rating/rating_5.gif[/IMG][*] ...
  3. ♪ Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! ♪

    by , 1-30-10 at 7:48:33 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    So last night it started to snow where I live! So at fight I thought, man just another :snow for 5 minutes then no more: But I was so wrong! I woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow and some ice!

    I was so excited!!

    But that was around 8:00 and I just woke up so i wasn't planning on going out yet. So about an hour or 2 later, i finally went out.
    So I went across the street to my friends house and rang the door bell, and her brother answered. I asked where ...

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  4. NEON! The coolest thing since color

    by , 1-20-10 at 8:08:19 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    I was looking up Violins on Google search and this picture came up. Isn't it so cool?? I mean its a neon Violin!!! I so want one!! But I would like it in Neon Green color, not light blue lol.
    [U][B]THE SIGN[/B][/U] ...

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  5. Contest is now closed

    by , 1-17-10 at 7:37:39 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    Everyone remember the contest I held a week ago? Well I forgot to announce the winner. [B][IMG]http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=5684&pictureid=49530[/IMG][/B]
    You are the winner of the contest!! :turned: If you want to claim your prize please tell me what time/realm/area you want to meet in, and of course your persons name.

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