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  1. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Yes yes, definitely much better. High-Five!
  2. TaraBeara's Avatar
    I told you not to laugh. :[

    Thanks for the comment though, I have to admit I did laugh when I read your comment. lol

    I think black would be...(searching for the right word) to 'in your face' so I changed it to the darkest grey. Look better?
  3. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    HAHAHA. You remind me of myself so much.. I procrastinate and I am clumsy myself too. Woah. As for the new layout, pretty awesome! However, I do admit it is a a bit too bright. Maybe making the font black instead of gray? I hope your toe gets better ^^
  4. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    Making new friends is always a fun thing! Nice entry too
  5. Astraes's Avatar
    Oh yay!^^ Congrats.
  6. TaraBeara's Avatar
    Sorry Sophie, but I've already completed that quest. I was finally able to go through it with only have 1 death shield in my way. lol

    Thanks though. :]
  7. Astraes's Avatar
    I'd be glad to help, Tara! (: Just ask, k?
  8. TaraBeara's Avatar
    Lol yeah xD
    And like I said, I've never left Central, I just found the Creativity Central Forum part haha. (Mainly the Role Playing) I've spent most of my time there, and checking in on the updates now and again.
  9. God's Grace's Avatar
    OMG! Long time! You might have known me as metrostation707, lol. Now I changed my name. (:
    I never deleted you on my friend list, I never do that because I think "What if they come back?"
    Welcome back! Glad to see you! :D have fun! :D
  10. The Ice Kind's Avatar
    You to!
    I hope my new years is good.
  11. JamesKer1's Avatar
    Have you thought of defragmenting your hard drive? Or updating your video drive? These are two things that I know slowed my game down, so you might give this a shot.
  12. Potroast42's Avatar
    @Tara Okay so that's when your computer begins to load the environments. How much RAM do you have on your computer? The game's environment needs to load itself onto your computer's RAM and if you don't have enough RAM, then it's possible for your memory (RAM) to become overloaded. Also, when did this problem start?
  13. TaraBeara's Avatar
    @Kris: My computer still has 1/2 of its memory to be filled up, so I don't think that's the problem.

    @Potroast42: The moment I press 'Play' on one of my characters it freezes.
    Updated 8-1-11 at 10:38:47 AM by TaraBeara
  14. Kris's Avatar
    Maybe your computer needs more memory. Thats what happened to me, I got more memory and it was fine.
  15. Potroast42's Avatar
    So does it freeze like instantly (as soon as the game starts - if so, where) or does it freeze at random locations when you're playing?
  16. TaraBeara's Avatar
    The game freezes every time I try to play it.
    Any ideas?
  17. Potroast42's Avatar
    What's wrong with the game? I might be able to help
  18. The Dragoness's Avatar
    my pity. at least you can log IN! i log in and when it hits MS_shopclothing it stops! gives me evil screeen saying some giberish or other!
  19. ~Illaeria~'s Avatar
    It IS Crab Alley, but I read somewhere that Crab Alley is supposed to be a preview of Celestia. And btw, Celestia has already been on Test Realm. That's one of the reasons everyone is sad.
  20. Zachrock's Avatar
    Hahaha, Tara... Yep, it was Crab Alley but some people are saying Celestia will be out early October or one/two days anyway.
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