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  1. New Years Eve!

    by , 12-31-10 at 5:58:30 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]I'm not sure weather to be jumping for joy or hiding in a Bomb Shelter.

    I mean next year is 2012...we're all suppose to die right?

    Well, lets try to not think about that because...its 7 hours till 2011!!
    Happy New Years Eve!! ♥[/INDENT]

    Updated 2-1-12 at 10:51:25 PM by TaraBeara (changing text)

  2. Long time no see...

    by , 12-10-10 at 11:38:39 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT][FONT="Century Gothic"]After almost 2 months of not playing I am happy to say I am back!

    Q. Why did I leave?
    A. Because I was having problems. Each time I would click 'Play' (w/e button it is) The game would just freeze up and I was to lazy to figure out what was going on so I just left out of Laziness. So if anyone can help, please do!

    So as I logged on Central I first went to check out my 2 favorite topics, Lets talk Graphics and Elite Authors ...
  3. I keep getting kicked out of W101

    by , 10-4-10 at 4:08:55 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [FONT="Century Gothic"]Twice today when I play wizard101, after about 30 minutes to an hour the screen goes white and a box pops up saying "Wizard101 graphic client has stopped working, searching to fix the problem" or something like that. Its annoying because its happened while I was in the middle of a fight that would finished a quest, and when I would log back on I would have to start the quest over completely.

    On other (happier) news, I have gotten 20,000 ...
  4. Celestia coming in a few days?

    by , 9-29-10 at 3:38:10 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]I have been searching the internet for any amount of clue of when Celestia is coming out 24-7 since I came back to the site when I saw the video of Selena coming on Wizard101.

    Why is that important?

    Well if you watch the video and pause at 0:10 you'll see a world. Not any world. Celestia! Along with that and [COLOR="White"][quote]"Celestia will be out somewhere between 'very soon' and 'before the Halloween content re-opens', which should give ...

    Updated 2-12-12 at 1:44:28 AM by TaraBeara

  5. As Time Passes You By

    by , 8-17-10 at 8:33:57 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    The blog has gotten a makeover! A new name and look, tell me what you think =)

    Not much to update you on Wizard101. Haven't been on in a couple of days, will be on tomorrow and hopefully finish GH and get to level 45 by the 19-20th.
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