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  1. Pickles and Procrastination

    by , 2-10-12 at 8:12:01 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    Stating the obvious, my blog has gone through a make over a few days ago. It's simple, clean cut, bright, and I am really happy with how it turned out. Please tell me what you guys think of it. :]


    I've had 4 failed attempts at Soloing Malistaire's dungeon and each time I never went through with it. Either I left to check something on central, got disconnected and was to lazy to log back in, or...well, actually that's pretty the only reason. ...

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  2. A very friendly week

    by , 2-6-12 at 1:15:12 AM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]This week I've made 3 new very kind friends. Two I've been chatting and helping them out with Celestian dungeons, while the other I meet in DS questing. It made me very happy because most of the friends I used to play with, I haven't seen long on once this entire month. So, now I'm happy to have some friends to roam the spiral with.

    I was helping 2 new friends and some other person with the final Celestian Dungeon 4-5 days ago (I have a bag memory. -.-) and I leveled up to ...

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  3. This blog is dormant no longer!

    by , 2-1-12 at 7:14:35 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]I've been wondering how to start this off, but I still have no clue after a month of thinking, so I'll just say stick with: Hello there yet again friends. :]

    Okay, so I've tried to open up my blog again in the past many times, but then something happens with money, the computer decides 'Nope, can't play that game, it's no good for you.', or like it did in the end, practically just break on me...which lead to the end of my much wanted blog. -sigh- But, don't fret, over the ...

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  4. Blog is back!

    by , 7-31-11 at 10:41:35 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]So it's been about half a year hasn't it? Glad to be able to blog again! :]

    Why haven't I been posting? Well it's all simple really, my computer was mad at me and wouldn't let me play Wizard101 so I had noting to write about. Yes it stunk, but I never left the fansite so I know most of the updates that have happened while I wasn't logging on W101.

    But I took it to some computer place a few days back because it had some virus on it and it was messing with the ...

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  5. New Years Eve!

    by , 12-31-10 at 4:58:30 PM (As Time Passes You By)
    [INDENT]I'm not sure weather to be jumping for joy or hiding in a Bomb Shelter.

    I mean next year is 2012...we're all suppose to die right?

    Well, lets try to not think about that because...its 7 hours till 2011!!
    Happy New Years Eve!! ♥[/INDENT]

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