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This is my blog. I plan on using to keep everyone up to date on all wiki changes. However I may use it for more personal posts in the future.

  1. Come Find Me Contest

    by , 4-7-11 at 1:59:30 PM (EnlightenedShadow - Wiki Master's Blog)
    Yesterday I had the privilege of participating in the Wizard101Central Come Find Me contest!

    I was very excited to get to hide and didn't plan on breaking the Central record for best hiding place lol. Although I thought it was fair and I didn't hide in an instance or anything, apparently it was very hard to find me lol.

    All the previous times for members to find the hiders was less than five minutes. However when I was being looked for, it took Twenty Seven Minutes! ...
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  2. Busy Busy...

    by , 1-27-11 at 7:21:06 PM (EnlightenedShadow - Wiki Master's Blog)
    I have been so busy for the last month or so. Working everyday and picking up odd shift hours when I can. Sometimes working 12 hours a day...

    Crazy how tired you can be and keep pushing forward when someone else depends on you...

    Nevertheless, I'm still here working on the wiki in my small amount of free time

    Just wanted to vent some frustration. Thanks for reading.
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  3. The Death of a Great Friend...

    by , 11-21-10 at 3:33:45 PM (EnlightenedShadow - Wiki Master's Blog)
    Hey guys, I haven't wrote here in about a week, so I figured it was time to write again.

    Today, I come in mourning. We are mourning the downfall of the once great "Test". Test was our test wiki, in which we tested everything from extensions to skin changes. Test was such great help to us and we are truly sad to see them go.

    Although it's actual cause of death is uncertain, I believe it to be due to a fatal database error. I prepared a special memorial page ...

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  4. My Wiki Experience

    by , 11-9-10 at 3:59:25 PM (EnlightenedShadow - Wiki Master's Blog)
    Hello all!

    I figured since this is my first post on this blog, and not many of you know me very well, I would start out with a history about myself and my presence at the wiki.

    I understand this is a really long post, but if you guys will just start reading maybe you will want to finish it.

    I have been playing Wizard101 for a little over a year. Shortly after I started, I noticed Central. I didn't think much of it. I wasn't really into forums that ...

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