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  1. Ideas for Future KI Games

    by , 11-6-15 at 11:44:53 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]If Kingsisle were to release another game in the next [insert number here] years. I think it should include different things that weren't released as soon as they could have been.

    [I'm not posting in this in the actual forum section because certain updates are already happening and it's not an issue at the moment]

    1. Design a skill tree. When new stats are increased or decreased with a nerf there will be consistencies for all levels.
    2. ...
  2. Missing Halloween

    by , 11-6-15 at 5:58:42 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [FONT=century gothic][SIZE=4]As much as I like Halloween in this game, I can't believe I missed the entire month in game. I wanted to come back but I feel so out of the loop from the friends I had a year back. I don't feel wanted in game and I certainly wanted to try something back in October to feel like a member to the community.

    Holiday events come and go all to fast. The real world takes away more than anyone realizes. I want to enjoy this game like I did long ago but I can't. I ...
  3. Halloween Fun After the Dentist

    by , 10-7-15 at 8:35:42 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    [SIZE=4][FONT=century gothic]I should have posted this yesterday but I forgot....

    So yesterday, October 6, 2015, @[I][B][URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/member.php?u=178420"]LoneWiz[/URL][/B][/I] joined me for some fun the Halloween tower dungeon, Mordecai and Lord NightShade. It was a blast. I got a lot of Goat Cheese and various hats. The focus is to find time to join him again this week or next week for the Halloween events before time runs out.[/FONT][/SIZE ...

    Updated 10-7-15 at 8:37:42 PM by Gothgirl (I fail at punctuation)

  4. Life Got in the Way of Gaming

    by , 9-30-15 at 9:30:10 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    Last week was midterms! Yay they would be over by now but life slapped me in the face. On September 8th I got my wisdom teeth removed. Friday, September 25th I went to the dentist because my lower right side was swelling. The gum grew over the adjoining tooth and my mouth became infected. Around 1 PM on Friday I fainted in the kitchen and I was rushed to the ER. Through a CT Scan they found an infected pocket in my mouth. After several hours they released me from the hospital.

    Then ...
  5. Jason LifeSong - Day 11

    by , 9-14-15 at 8:19:40 PM (Beautiful Chaos)
    I'm so emotional I need to let it out the best way I can and I'm taking a break from my essay draft. I can't focus I'm in complete disarray. I should be in control and I'm not. I'm picking this wizard because he has plenty of side quests to complete.

    I have to harvest all the seeds on all the wizards for the first time in a long time. I want to apologize to everyone that has read my latest story in the forum section because I haven't posted the second chapter yet. I'm trying to focus ...
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