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  1. FamilyWiz's Avatar
    I didn't know you had a blog! Observant, aren't I?

    This week, as you know, has been insane for me. Life is definitely in fast forward at present but, I swear, we'll get that last dungeon and our little zombie pets soon. Hopefully, in the next few days. I'll send you a note to work out when we're both free next to pick up more . (Not real sure what we have left gives those tc's but, man, it's cute so I did.)
  2. Gothgirl's Avatar
    So, I went in yesterday and the infection site can be infected again. Yay I'm not safe from infection. Here's to getting back into gaming and wrapping up all my notetaking this weekend as planned.
  3. Gothgirl's Avatar
    Haha thanks Amethyste it's good to be back. And as an update my swelling reduced today. I finished my midterm this morning and I hope for good marks on it despite being on a ton of medication. Also I missed two essays this week... well I can turn one in late for half credit and the other I have an extension on. Life is challenging but it's working out.
  4. Amethyste's Avatar
    Oh geez That sounds like a rough time. Good to see you're back on your feet now!
  5. Camille's Avatar
    You're making me tear up, lol. This is beautiful. You made my day ten shades brighter.
  6. Willyb111198's Avatar
    Thank you some for saying this! Lets say you cast a heal on some on with 18 health and it Crits... And they say nothing to you, BUT when a friend of theres does it its like THANK YOU SO MUCH THAT REALLY HELPED ME ALOT. So I know where you coming from and please, just say to them if you have 18+ chat "You are SO welcome!"
  7. Covert Guardian's Avatar
    I will use "txt" short words sometimes when texting on a phone. When I have a full keyboard to work with I stick with normal English. If you can type as fast as you can think, why shorten.

    The other place I can understand it is on twitter since there is a character limit on the messages.

    I agree with you, I would find other people telling me to shorten my words irritating - it has never happened to me.
  8. ~Jason~'s Avatar
    This is probably one of the most composed blog posts I've read with plenty of excellent points and in a way an outside perspective on things. To be honest, I just avoid posts like those. If you can't pick what you want to make, I agree with taking the quiz.

    One side of my thinks it's just a giant attention scam. I don't know what to do or I want forum gold and people to know my name, so I'll make a cliche non-thought-provoking post to rack up forum gold. Maybe I'll add a poll so people are more likely to click on it. Quite frankly, I've hit my limits with this game; it's just not fun anymore. The only reason I still go on is for great people I've met and also to linger on the forums. Honestly, I've met some really great people on this website, and they're way better people than the ones I live around. But that's a different conversation for a different time...

    Also, not everyone is biased. The only problem with this forum is that whenever you try to add a critique of the game or any negative opinion, you're either filtered on it or your forum gold is negated. Which honestly defeats the purpose of a forum. If we can't have all-around opinions, then what's the point? Only presenting the good completely defeats the purpose and blinds others.

    Which, going back to what you stated earlier about the school thing, makes it difficult. People are just going to display all the good things they've done and all the great plans they've made and how they implemented tactics into their playing style. They're not going to talk about any of the faults, just the good -- and not showing both sides can cause things to crumble.
  9. Jester's Avatar
    I truly believe that some did not know they were exploiting anything. I feel for those players.
  10. Gothgirl's Avatar
    I'm sorry for you loss Balance Wolfy
  11. Balance Wolfy's Avatar
    I live in Colorado and one of my friends lost her life in that incident ): We [I'm speaking for everyone in Colorado] appreciate the support and the prayers.
  12. Gothgirl's Avatar
    I read a comment on Facebook the other day stating

    "The actor of Batman should head to Aurora, Colorado and meet the victims in person"
  13. Jas's Avatar
    I agree. May they rest in peace.
  14. Jas's Avatar
    Best of luck finding a job. I'm in the same dilemma. I'm trying to get enough money to buy Avalon, the new world, but no luck so far. At least I have the rest of the worlds, but it gets boring after a while. You know?
  15. ~Justin~'s Avatar
    You can add my balance wiz I am in wizard city all the time cause my sub ran out. P:
  16. Jas's Avatar
    Hmm, well, it's hard to put down exactly why all of these things are so prominent on this forum. I guess it's stubbornness and hormones really.
  17. Gothgirl's Avatar
    As of today with 8 views and 0 comments I think part of my hypothesis is very accurate if not exact
  18. Dekaexadiko's Avatar
    I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra last year. It was awesome!
  19. Gothgirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by musyrocks
    this is from sonny with a chance lol
    Lol yes it was... not that i ever saw it to begin with. But i was sick and needed to cheer myself up and its Christmas. It totally goes in hand for most things xD
  20. musyrocks's Avatar
    this is from sonny with a chance lol
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