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  1. Happy Halloween (:

    Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!
    Don't eat too much candy!

    I didn't go trick-or-treating, but for those who did, what did you guys dress up as?
  2. Your Ad Here

    Just kidding..

    The grading period is almost over in school, it ends November 1st. I'm just glad it's done. Sort of. Yay, only three more to go.. I have an A in everything except that dang Spanish with a B, and a 103 in History. A++? (:
    Just have to know a bit about Thomas Jefferson and I got some bonus points on my exams.

    I throw my Spanish in the air sometimes, sayin' ayo, no comprendo!

    Gets more and more true every time. -Flings book-
  3. Things. x]

    Ah, where does the weekend go? It's gone by so fast and the thought of going back to school is sickening. Well, it's always sickening. Don't mind me, I'll be rambling to myself. I have been a huge procrastinator lately, not even starting my huge English project due the 4th... /:

    We won our soccer game, though. We beat the team that kicked us out of the playoffs in our tournament last year. Revenge, much!? We only beat them by one goal though... Eh who cares at least we won! ...

    Updated 9-25-11 at 7:53:55 PM by Kris (I need the facepalm, k?)

  4. Birthday!

    Today is a special friend of mine's birthday!..Wait, who's is it again?

    Just kidding! Happy birthday Steph! Have a wonderful rest of the day!
  5. The Weather

    Yes, the weather. It was 42 degrees outside and pitch dark this morning, and I didn't even think to grab a jacket when I was going out to my bus. It's so sad seeing the summer go.

    It was such a great day! I was out three days really sick and boy do I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend. Oh well...

    On a happier note, I got 50/50 on my make-up test in science! Woo!

    Have a great weekend!