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  1. 5 Day Weekend!

    Tomorrow, Friday, and Monday were supposed to be make up days for snow, but since we haven't had any snow days at all, we get the next 5 days off. Woohoo!

    Watch me waste half of it playing XBox. I have a little TV I got to move in my room and it's all hooked up. :D I'm officially addicted to Infected and Demolition on MW3..As well as Mike Meyers on Black Ops. Always a good time.


    I haven't been on very much lately. ...
  2. Hello 2012

    Watched the ball drop in Times Square.
    Happy new year everyone. (:

    When I was younger I thought when they said "the ball drop" I thought they LITERALLY meant they would drop it...lol. (Too bad, imagine all that just shattering in the street...)

    I would post some 2011 stuff buuuuuut....I've been out and about. o_O

    Sure doesn't feel like 2012, lol. Hope all of you guys have a great year ahead of you!
  3. Have a Merry Christmas

    Hope all you guys have a happy holiday.

    This image has no real point in being here besides the cuteness.
  4. Time Flies When You're Having Fun..

    I honestly can't believe it's the middle of December already, lol.
    Christmas is right around the corner..Geez where'd the year go?

    I'll quit being such a killjoy and make best of the season this year.. :D
    ...After all my school stuff is finished and I can sit in front of the computer all livelong day.

    Happy Holidays and have a good night everyone.
  5. Zafaria

    It's finally here!

    I've never been big on leveling. -Looks at poor lvl 49 Balance that's been in Survey Camp for a year-
    I'm really slow, or just too lazy.

    I am really excited about the Jaguar pet, though. It's so cute!!

    Wish me luck with this leveling business!
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