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  1. My new banner!

    by , 8-20-09 at 3:54:05 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    So what do you guys think of my new blog banner? It was custom made by me! Rate on a scale from 1-10!
  2. Level 48 Quest & Reward Guidline

    by , 8-19-09 at 7:47:34 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kile497 View Post
    Dyamelea tells you to beat,

    Alcane swift arrow-Wizard city, fire cat ally

    Biti nirni-Krokotopia

    Run away sunbird-marleybone

    Embrel everburn-Moo shu

    Then you go on a quest for a ring
    from the guy at the pendent shop
    you go to dragonspyre forge and then
    dyameala tells you to beat

    Marva Flamewing -to finish quest

    Rewards-Helephant pet,Fire dragon and Badge' master of fire
  3. Mooshu ring.

    by , 8-19-09 at 2:12:01 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    Are you a wizard with a ring from MB? Do you want a new one? Well do the goji berry quest in mooshu from the warrior in hamestsu village. After getting berries you have to go to a goat monk who send you to fight some trees after you are done you must talk to the warrior one more time and you get a ring for your class i think it is pretty good here is a myth one.

    All my wizards have done it and ...
  4. New signature contest!

    by , 8-19-09 at 1:23:20 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    As many of you know there is a signature contest on central and i am so in! It is going to be tough and since i cant use my user name i cant use my wizards name either so yeah. I have a signature in mind but does not involve me at all! There is some fierce competition mostly worried about GravityMyth and Riken55. Wish me luck! :D

    Updated 8-19-09 at 5:44:46 PM by Blake

  5. Krokotopian hous bug!

    by , 8-18-09 at 8:00:27 PM (A wizards thoughs.)
    If you bought the small krokotopian house you in for a real treat! There is a little bug that can make you the master of hide-and-seek! Go to your pyrmid and go to this corner of it.

    Then look at the wall. (The bug is coming into play)

    Now just walk into the wall and you wont be seen! As ...
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